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  Typical Thai Spicy Soup, The secret is in the delicious shrimp cladu. How do you make delicious shrimp broth? and How to cook Tom Yum Goong? Stuffing Ingredients: 1kg Tiger Shrimp 100 gr oyster mushrooms Grinded Material: 2 stalks of lemongrass, white part only 10 curly red chilies 5 red chilies 5cm galangal sliced 10 garlic 10 gr ebi 2sachets of oil for sauteing 250ml shrimp stock Aromatic Spices: 1 tomato 2 stalks of lemongrass 30gr galangal 10 red bird's eye chilies 10 pieces of lime leaves 5 stalks of basil leaves 2 tsp salt 6 tbsp white sugar 2 tsp broth powder 2 tbsp fish sauce 100ml lime juice 2 liters of water

Crab Soup

  Recipe Crab 1 kg Potatoes 4 pieces cut2 Carrots 2 pieces cut2 Shallots 5 cloves Red onion sliced ​​2 cloves Garlic 2 cloves Fried onions to taste Tomatoes 1 piece cut 2 Candlenut 3 grains Pepper powder 1 tsp Coriander powder 1 tsp Lime fruit 1 fruit Salt to taste Water to taste Right amount of oil Royco to taste Cinnamon 2 earlier Cardamom 5 cloves Star anise 2 pieces Cloves 5 pieces Celery 2 lbr finely sliced Green onion 1 stem finely sliced 💝 How To Create Clean the crab then drain Rinse with lime juice and salt Ease of boiling until cooked Blend the garlic, onion and hazelnut. Sauté sliced ​​shallots until wilted Then add the spices, ground pepper, coriander powder, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and cloves. Put the stir-fried seasoning in the soup Add tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, a little salt and royco Stir to mix well Taste test Lastly, add the celery and spring onions, mix well If it is cooked remove and s

Tumis Tongkol Suir

  Resep Ikan tongkol 500 gram Bawang merah 5 siung Bawang merah iris 2 siung Bawang putih 2 siung Kunyit 1 ruas Jahe 1 ruas Cabe merah 7 buah Cabe rawit 20 buah Cabe hijau 5 buah potong2 Asam sunti 5 buah Ketumbar bubuk 1 sdt Jeruk nipis 1 buah Garam secukupnya Royco secukupnya Air putih secukupnya Minyak goreng secukupnya Sereh 1 batang Daun salam 2 lbr Daun kari 1 tangkai Cara Buat :  Bersihkan ikan lalu rebus sampai matang dan suir lalu sisihkan. Blender bawang putih, bawang merah, jahe, kunyit, cabe merah, cabe rawit dan asam sunti. Tumis bawang merah iris, sereh, daun salam dan daun kari Lalu masukan bumbu blender dan sedikit air Aduk dan biarkan sampai mendidih Tambahkan tongkol suir, sedikit garam dan royco. Aduk supaya tercampur rata Test rasa Biarkan bumbu nya sedikit mengental Jika sudah masak angkat dan sajikan.

Meat Potato Cakes

Material: 500gr potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces and fried until cooked 50gr minced beef 1 egg, separate the yolk and white 2 stalks of celery leaves, chopped Ground spices: 3 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced ​​dry fried 6 red onions, thinly sliced ​​dry fried Sugar, salt, pepper, powdered broth according to taste How to make: -In a mortar, grind all the spices until smooth, add the fried potatoes, grind again until smooth/coarse according to taste -add the minced meat and celery, stir well -add the egg yolks, stir and wait 5 minutes for it to set -after 5 minutes, round the dough while compacting it, do it until it runs out -Heat the oil, dip the cakes in the egg white then fry over low heat until cooked -enough to turn 1 time so that the cakes don't absorb the oil 

Whole Goat Guling Recipe

  Whole Goat Guling Recipe, Tender and Soft, Simple, Special, Original, Tasty. Suckling goat is a special dish celebrating a party which is very easy to make by burning it directly after being seasoned with spices or by roasting it in the oven which is called roasted bolstered goat so you can make 2 kinds of bolstered goat, namely roasted bolstered goat and roasted bolstered goat. You just brush it with spices, put it in the oven and you can leave it to do the rest for the roasted lamb in the microwave oven, while for parties, such as barberque parties or parties, it is grilled using charcoal. So choose a young goat for tender meat RECIPES OF GOAT ROLLS   MATERIAL : 1 whole young goat of medium size, remove the innards, legs, head and skin. GROUND SPICES : 15 medium sized garlic cloves 2 grams coriander 150 grams of brown sugar OTHER SEASONINGS: 1 tsp fine nutmeg powder 1 tablespoon of fine pepper powder 100 ml cooking oil 2 tbsp salt 250 ml Worcestershire sau

Beat the Summer Heat with Crock Pot Cooking

  When the weather outside warms up, the kitchen can be a terrible place to be. There are many things you can do however, when it comes to cooking a nice home made meal that doesn’t require traditional stove top or oven cooking. Learn to utilize some of the lesser heat producing equipment in your kitchen, such as the crock pot, in order to truly beat the summer heat and keep your cool while preparing a nice hot meal for friends and family. So, how does crock pot cooking really help beat the heat? Simply put, the crock pot in and of itself puts off far less heat when cooking than an oven or stove top. This is the first and possibly the best reason to utilize the crock pot in your summer meal planning. You should also consider the fact that by not heating the house by using your stove top or oven you are also preventing your air conditioning (or other cooling methods) from working overtime in order to compensate for the additional heat that other cooking methods introduce. This makes cro

Cooking Cajun Food

  Cooking in the heart of Cajun country is an art form. There really is very little science to this particular form of cooking that includes a lot more than mere lagniappe from the pantry or the spice cabinet. Cajun cooking is something that has often been imitated around the country and around the world but can very rarely be accurately duplicated. One of the fascinating things about Cajun cooking is the fact that there are very few exact recipes. Most, if not all authentic Cajun cooking is done to taste rather than measurements. Even more amazing is that from day to day one person can make the same dish over and over and it is quite likely to taste a little bit different each and every time it is made. The major reason for this is that in addition to being an art form in and of itself, Cajun food is often made even more delicious or mysterious simply by the mood of the one doing the cooking.   I’m sure that many of you have watched as Emeril Lagasse makes some special concoction