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  Typical Thai Spicy Soup, The secret is in the delicious shrimp cladu. How do you make delicious shrimp broth? and How to cook Tom Yum Goong? Stuffing Ingredients: 1kg Tiger Shrimp 100 gr oyster mushrooms Grinded Material: 2 stalks of lemongrass, white part only 10 curly red chilies 5 red chilies 5cm galangal sliced 10 garlic 10 gr ebi 2sachets of oil for sauteing 250ml shrimp stock Aromatic Spices: 1 tomato 2 stalks of lemongrass 30gr galangal 10 red bird's eye chilies 10 pieces of lime leaves 5 stalks of basil leaves 2 tsp salt 6 tbsp white sugar 2 tsp broth powder 2 tbsp fish sauce 100ml lime juice 2 liters of water

Whole Goat Guling Recipe


Whole Goat Guling Recipe, Tender and Soft, Simple, Special, Original, Tasty. Suckling goat is a special dish celebrating a party which is very easy to make by burning it directly after being seasoned with spices or by roasting it in the oven which is called roasted bolstered goat so you can make 2 kinds of bolstered goat, namely roasted bolstered goat and roasted bolstered goat. You just brush it with spices, put it in the oven and you can leave it to do the rest for the roasted lamb in the microwave oven, while for parties, such as barberque parties or parties, it is grilled using charcoal. So choose a young goat for tender meat




1 whole young goat of medium size, remove the innards, legs, head and skin.


15 medium sized garlic cloves

2 grams coriander

150 grams of brown sugar


1 tsp fine nutmeg powder

1 tablespoon of fine pepper powder

100 ml cooking oil

2 tbsp salt

250 ml Worcestershire sauce

300 ml sweet soy sauce


150 ml sweet soy sauce

10 cloves of red onion roughly sliced

5 medium-sized tomatoes cut into small cubes

2 grams of red cayenne pepper

30 pieces of lime leaves finely sliced

10 limes


Mix the ground spices with other spices until evenly distributed

Smear the entire surface of the goat meat with the seasoning until it is even and thick enough.

Let stand the goat meat that you have smeared earlier for about 1 hour so that the flavors infuse. Place the mutton in a large bowl and cover with a napkin to allow the spices to infuse more.

Prepare burnt charcoal that is long enough to cover the entire surface of the mutton later, also prepare a meat hanger which is about 40 cm from the coals. Make a pivot hanger to make it easier for you to turn the meat so that the meat is evenly cooked.

Hang the spiced goat meat on the hanger that you have prepared, smoothing all parts so that no part is too thick than the other. Rotate the meat so that all parts of the meat are cooked evenly. Usually you need to cook for about 45 minutes – 60 minutes to get all the pieces cooked.

Serve, serve with chili sauce and eat together with family, friends, relatives, girlfriends


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